Implant Restorations

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After dental implants have been surgically implanted, a dental crown is placed on top allowing your dental implants to look and function like your own natural teeth. This process is called the restoration of dental implants.

Dental implant restorations cannot be performed for up to three months after the implant surgery to ensure the patient has completely healed from implant surgery. This healing period allows the gum tissue to recover and avoid any further trauma.

Implant restorations may involve one or multiple implants. Our doctor will work with you personally to create a customized treatment plan to ensure your dental implant restorations closely match the surrounding natural teeth.  Generally, this process will take multiple visits to ensure your crowns are custom made to properly fit your mouth.

Dental implants and restorations are the ideal solution for people missing one, several or all your natural teeth and are looking for a way to restore your smile so you can face the world with confidence each and every day.